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Η σημαντικότερη βρετανική εταιρεία κατασκευής αεροσκαφών και αεροπορικών κινητήρων. Η λίστα με τα αεροσκάφη κατασκευής περιλαμβάνουν: 

  •  149 Bolingbroke
  •  152 Beaufort
  •  156 Beaufighter
  • Type 159
  •  163 Buckingham
  •  164 Brigand
  •  166 Buckmaster

The Bristol Aeroplane Company, originally the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company, was both one of the first and one of the most important British aviation companies, designing and manufacturing both airframes and aero engines.

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During the Second World War Bristol’s most important aircraft was the Beaufighter heavy two-seat multirole aircraft, a long-range fighter, night fighter, ground attack aircraft, and torpedo bomber. It was used extensively by the RAF and Commonwealth air forces and by the USAAF. The Beaufighter was derived from the Beauforttorpedo bomber, itself a derivative of the Blenheim.

In 1940 a shadow factory was set up at Weston-super-Mare for the production of Beaufighters. Also an underground factory was built by Alfred McAlpine at Hawthorn in 1940 to accommodate the company’s experimental department which was working on a new engine for bombers and Beaufighters.

Υπό κατασκευή

  1. Bristol Aquila
  2. Bristol Centaurus
  3. Bristol Cherub
  4. Bristol Draco
  5. Bristol Hercules
  6. Bristol Hydra
  7. Bristol Jupiter
  8. Bristol Lucifer
  9. Bristol Mercury
  10. Bristol Neptune
  11. Bristol Olympus
  12. Bristol Orion sleeve-valve
  13. Bristol Orion turbo-prop/shaft
  14. Bristol Orpheus
  15. Bristol Pegasus (radial engine)
  16. Bristol BE53 Pegasus (later, BS53 the Harrier engine)
  17. Bristol Perseus
  18. Bristol Phoenix diesel radial[15][16]
  19. Bristol Proteus
  20. Bristol Taurus
  21. Bristol Theseus
  22. Bristol Thor
  23. Bristol Titan

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