Wellington Ελευσίνα


Αναφορά κατάρριψης αεροσκάφους τύπου Wellington της 148 Sqn RAF με αριθμό W 5584, νότια της Ελευσίνας.
Wellington W 5584 of 148 Sqn RAF, took off at night on 19 January 1942 to bomb Salamis, Greece, and failed to return. An Italian broadcast on 21 January 1942 stated that an aircraft had been shot down over Elevsis on 19 January 1942.

Aircraft Wreck Greece Wellington_

RAF Sqn Ldr Abbott, M E, DFC (Pilot)
RAF Sgt James, I T (Pilot)
RAAF 400237 FO Carroll, W J (Observer)
RAF Sgt Sellers, J A (Wireless Operator/Air Gunner)
RCAF Sgt McGrath, H F (Wireless Operator/Air Gunner)
PO Scarb, J B (Air Gunner)

A report on interrogations of local residents after the war and investigations carried out in Elevsis and Salamis areas state that an aircraft was shot down and crashed into the sea 2 miles south of Elevsis on 19 January 1942. It also stated that the Germans made a search of the area and could find no trace of the aircraft or crew. Elevsis is on the coast approx 10 miles North West of Athens, whilst Salamis is six miles south west of Elevsis on the island of Kuluri. It was assumed that the aircraft crashed in the sea near Elevsis and that the crew were lost at sea.

RAAF World War 2 fatalities / compilation Alan Storr
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